Tuesday, June 16, 2015

(Top) 10 Things About David Letterman — A Little Counting Music, Please ...

A Little Counting Music, Please ...
Ten ... Nine ... Eight ... Seven ... Six ... Five ... Four ... Three ... Two ... One ... and Good Night

David Letterman by Al
Milgrom and Joe Sinnott,
from Avengers #239
(January 1984).

A couple of weeks ago, David Letterman said goodbye to late night.  Wanting to address his 33 years in television here on the Flashback blog, I dug into the research — which is to say, I wasted hours watching Letterman clips on YouTube.

That means I have a bevy of videos, tidbits, and thoughts to share with you.  Unfortunately, you're going to have to sit through yet another "tribute" Top Ten List to get them.  Before you roll your eyes and start pelting me with rocks and garbage, remember we already do a feature called 10 Things About ... here at Flashback, so it's only natural we're making our "10 Things About David Letterman" into the "Top Ten Things About David Letterman."

Plus, I'm not alone in stealing this bit.  Everyone from Jimmy Fallon to James Corden has done a wannabe Top Ten to commemorate the Indiana weatherman's retirement.

To put a little fun into this one (and give you time to watch all the video clips), I'm going to trickle the Top Ten out throughout the day.  We'll publish a new item at the bottom of every hour until we get through all of them.  Think of it as a bloggy version of "Beat the Clock" with me as the Guy Under the Internets.

All you need to play along at home are a keyboard and your own band.

— Scott

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