Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Hangman

Last weeks discussion of DC Entertainments revival of the Red Circle (and the First Wave version of Doc Savage) comics prompted a few interesting comments from various people via email. While emailing back and forth on a fantasy book review I wrote for the From the Sorcerer's Skull blog run by FBU contributor Trey Causey, Trey had this to say about DC's motivations...

I wonder if things like the Red Circle revival and the whatever the series is (or was) about the Marvel golden age folks serve two purposes. 1) It keeps trademarks up; 2) It garners the possibility of a hit with a "new" character--the beauty of that new character being that they aren't really new and so already may have a small, but nonetheless existent, fanbase.

There is a segment of the comic book buying public you are guaranteed to sell a first issue of an old character revival to, who won't necessarily buy a new character first issue. Hell, you and I may meet that description.

I think Trey is right as to what is prompting DC to publish such comics, but in the end, these attempts, unless backed up with a good story, will only result in readers like me getting wary of revival attempts.

However poster GACN says that two of the Red Circle comics are worth checking out...

I do encourage people to pick up The Web. Solid writing and art, and The Hangman back up is worth the book.

With that in mind, I thought I would share two issues of the Golden Age MLJ Hangman today.


Hangman 01


Hangman 02

- Enjoy!


GACN said...

I look at Roy, The Wonder Boy and just wonder how ridiculous the 'kid sidekick' thing was at times. ::lol::

Great download choices! :-)

cash_gorman said...

The thing is with revivals like the "Red Circle" the tactic nowadays keeps me FROM buying the comics, that I'd be more likely to buy a new character. Especially, when the writer and powers that be keep giving interviews talking about as if they are writing the original characters and then they change everything about the character, leaving little other than the name. Of them all, I bought the Shield because it at least looked close to the original but it was chock full of bad writing that I haven't looked back.

It's similar to the Azzarello writing FIRST WAVE and being the one constructing the bible behind the "pulp" earth and yet in interviews shows disdain for the subject matter, dismissive of other writers and creators and takes joy in that the built-in fans of it won't like what he's doing.

FLAMEAPE said...

Thanks for the Hangman comics! It's interesting about the recommendation of The Web, Back when DC did the Impact line I really dug the Web of that imprint- drawn by Trevor Von Eeden. Maybe the fact that The Web is a lesser known character allows creators to experiment more. I don't mind new creators making their versions/worlds; That's what many of us creative fans do with our public domain interpretations. I'm sure that editors are always going to have a tug of war between doing a new or canon interpretation of licensed characters- It's always about broad sales vs core following, i'm sure.

either way, I'll check out the new books, just like I gave Dynamite's line a shot before I had to say, "No Thanks".


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