Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pierre's Designs for Scourge of Atlantis

KharonHey guys, I know that normally Pierre takes the Wednesday shift here at the old Flashback Universe Blog, but Pierre is working on a big Bob Morane article and collecting art for this week. In the meantime, I thought I would show you some of Pierre's character designs for our Zuda entry - Kharon, Scourge of Atlantis!

In an earlier post, I've mentioned how Kharon evolved over the course of the project to his current incarnation, but here's a glimpse of some of the other characters in their early stages. - Jim

First up is the main villain of our story - General Karnath

Here is Karnath in full battle armor. Karnath is the original soldier's soldier. He's fought his way up to the rank of General by following orders and surviving every conflict he's ever encountered.

Assisting Karnath in making decisions in the camp is Causta the Cleric. Causta is the voice of reason in the Alantean camp.

One of the places Pierre outdid himself on SOA was in the design of the is an early sketch

Here are some sample helmets...

And here is what we finally decided on going with...

I think we actually decided to go with various helments and shield patterns, but some of that is based on the rank and duty of each soldier.

We came up with a detailed ranking/symbol system...

Some of you old school Flashback Universe fans may see a similarity between these symbols and the Saturn Knight symbol. Trust me - that is intended. :)

Finally, here are some early versions of the Lilliks. At first Pierre made the very ape like.

But eventually we decided to go with something a little different. Notice in this early version the Chief is wearing brown.

I think I decided that brown made him look a little too primitive, so we switched colors to purple...

I eventually decided that was *too* close to Runewraith and The Yeti - again, an intentional similarity - but I decided to switch to green to change it up just a bit.

Hope you enjoyed this - and look for Pierre's Bob Morane post next week!

- Jim


David Gallaher said...

This is really rather awesome. There's so much though and depth here.

Jim Shelley said...

Thank you David! I'm thinking it's probably not the type of concept that works on Zuda, but as always, the exposure, the feedback and the $500 that comes with being is Zuda is well appreciated. :)

Pierre and I plan on finishing Kharon and posting it on Flashback. I'm also talking to two different companies about distributing it via the iPhone. I'm really thinking that's going to be a big deal in the next year or so.

btw - thank you for your support on Zuda and in general. I really appreciate it!

- Jim


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