Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pierre Speaks: Kharon: SOA part 1

KharonAs you guys know now, Jim and I have a comic at called Kharon; Scourge of Atlantis (if you did not know… now you do, so go vote NOW!! Heck get your mother, sister, cousin, neighbor to vote as well ;) ).

Jim already showed some rough designs of Kharon a while back… now it’s my turn. ;)

Let’s start with Kharon himself.

This is what we finally decided that Kharon would look like.

But what you guys don’t know is that he almost looked like this;

Although we kind of liked that color scheme…. We decided not to go in that direction. I guess for my part I felt that it made him look too much like some sort of druid-like/nature lover kind of character or something.

Although this was not the only version, here are a few variation attempts made.

When we started developing the project…. What I had in mind from the various talk I had with Jim, was Elric of Melniborne. Not sure why… but that is the image that I had in mind at the time for some reason.

I was not trying to copy the Elric character… but try to capture the feeling that the Elric character evokes.

Other then keeping him somewhat thin…. I think I moved away from Elric enough to make Kharon visually distinctive.

In the very early process, I gave him 2 shoulder pads and a sword, but as we started tweaking the character, we gave him only one shoulder pad and replaced the traditional sword with some sort of club.

What made us start developing this project?....

You will have to wait for another Blog for the answer to that one. ;)

Yes I am EEEEVIL!!



Until next time.


Reno said...

It's a good thing you tweaked the color scheme. The second one looked too much like Arion, Lord of Atlantis. I'm guessing that wouldn't sit too well with DC Comics. :)

Jim Shelley said...

Good point Reno! :D


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