Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mister Crimson Episode 48

Mister Crimson Episode 48
Wherein we learn a startling secret about They Mayor

Read it here .:


Reno said...

Whenever I'm drawing a comic, I don't always draw the pages in order. i will start with page 1, but then maybe the next page I'll draw would be page 10. That keeps it interesting for me, and whatever pages I've slacked off on would be harder to spot. :P

I've noticed the points you made on J.G. Jones' art for Final Crisis. The first issue was drawn beautifully, but as the series went on, the faces on characters became distorted, poses looked awkward, and so on and so forth. I guess the deadline caught up with him.

Reno said...

whoops. commented on the wrong post. sorry.

Jim Shelley said...

LOL! I wondered about that! This was for one of Pierre's articles, wasn't it?

Reno said...

Yup. The "Eternal marathon" one. :)


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