Friday, December 18, 2009

Dead Projects from 2009

Looking back on 2009, I wish we had gotten further along with a lot of projects. There are reasons we didn't have any new Flashback Universe comics last year, some financial and some logistical - what's hard for people who don't make comics to understand is that for every completed comic you see someone make, there are probably 4 or 5 that died along the way.

Here is some art from several of our dead projects from 2009...

First Up - a character sketch for a Zuda project I always refer to as Tempus Fugitives. This was going to be a sort of Dreadstar meets League of Extraordinary Gentlemen type of comic, and depending on how I feel from month to month, it's either still in the works or DOA. Design by Pierre Villeneuve.

Joan of Arc

Next we have this fantastic illustration of The Artifact from what was going to be a sort of Science Fiction Prison Break story set in a far distant future. Art by the amazingly talented Alessandro Ceccarelli, Colors by the Pantone Princess, Lizz Buenaventura

The Artifact

Finally, here is a cover for a Saturn Knight BackStory which Pierre pitched to me in the way of a storyboard - we would probably work on this story except that Pierre pitched an even better League of Monsters story to me which we decided to work on instead.

That's all for today - trust me, I have tons more, it's just a little depressing to poke around in the Dead Projects folder.

- Jim


Caine said...

The Two origin's of RuneWraith sounds very cool and I think I remember something about a RAVEN story...hmmm :)

Jim Shelley said...

Yep, those are two more - a full list would sadly amaze you. Some projects aren't really dead - they are just in a weird limbo...

Popbox Entertainment said...

You know, I STILL want to see that Artifact comic!! So I am hoping that you aren't really giving it up for dead.

And isn't there a Wildcard comic coming out?


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