Monday, December 7, 2009

Master Comics: Captain Marvel meets Bulletman

Here are two issues from Fawcett that in the Top Ten of many Fawcett fans (and Golden Age comic fans as well.) The first is Master Comics 21 in which a Mac Raboy drawn Captain Marvel teams up with Bulletman to fight Captain Nazi.

Some fans find Raboy's version of Captain Marvel a little off putting, but I think it's awesome to see how he applies his more realistic style to Captain Marvel. The second issue is the one that follows with Captain Marvel Jr. teaming up with Bulletman.

Thinking about the some of the comments I've seen about Mac Raboy version of Captain Mavel reminds me of how divided people are on the Don Newton version of the character that came out in 1980 as a feature in World's Finest comics. Anybody but me remember that series? I'd like to see it in some nice collected edition, as Don Newton was an incredible artist AND a real Captain Marvel fan and when you see the art he produced for the series, you can see he was really putting his heart into the project.

Master Comics 21

[ Master Comics 21 ]

Master Comics 22

[ Master Comics 22 ]

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Reno said...

I only have one issue of World's Finest with Don Newton on Captain Marvel. It was the issue where Captain Nazi wanted to propose to Beautia. The story was very much in a comedic vein, and although Don Newton's style was realistic, it still fit the story quite well.

DC should make a collection of Don Newton's work. An awesome artistwho was taken away from the world too soon. :(

Sphinx Magoo said...

I fondly remember those E. Nelson Bridwell/Don Newton SHAZAM stories as well. Those were the ones where they finally got out from under the thumb of trying to tie it in to the TV series and really started presenting the Marvel Family with some sort of continuity. That's when they tied the origins of Captain Marvel Jr. with Kid Eternity, even though the two characters were originally published by two different companies!

It was also where there was a mind-boggling story where the Marvel Family, in order to foil an evil plot, succeeded in making the Earth rotate in reverse! My mind was so boggled I still remember that story today. I think part of the success of that story was Don Newton's art; his work was so easy to accept on SHAZAM because he came from a similar mindset as Mac Raboy. Truly a delight!

Jim Shelley said...

Reno and Sphinx,

I'm glad I'm not alone in thinking Don Newton was great on that series! It's sometimes easy to read a lot of hate on the internet about an artist and think that's how EVERYONE feels. :)

Thinking about Don Newton's version versus Jerry Ordway's, I'm not sure why one Captain Marvel was better received than the other.


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