Monday, December 14, 2009

Free Comics Monday: Spy Smasher

Of late I've been thinking about Spy Smasher. Mostly, wondering what would have become of him during the Cold War.

In the real world, Spy Smasher (alias Alan Armstrong) used his great wealth to battle Nazi spys during WW II. When the war ended, he changed his name to Crime Smasher and fought stateside threats up until Fawcett ceased publications around 1953.

According to the Wikipedia entry on Spy Smasher, DC touched on the hero's adventures during the Cold War in Power of Shazam 24, which I have not read, but the title Trial of the Scorpion and cover suggest I would really dig that issue. (I'll make a sad admission right here, I've not read all of the Ordway Shazam series. It came out when I was really hurting for money, so I gave up comics for a few years. I need to put that on my list of things to track down.)

Here are some early issues of Spy Smasher

Spy Smasher

[ Spy Smasher 3 ]

Spy Smasher 5

[ Spy Smasher 5 ]


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