Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What is Scanned in the DC Universe as of Oct 1 2009

Thanks to the diligent work of a comic scan enthusiast by the name of Phantom Stranger, we have a new listing of What's Left to Scan in the DC Universe as of Oct 1, 2009. (This is an excel doc that has been converted to web pages by me, so you know how that can make for wonky html.)

From his intro to the document we get these stats...

33,641 DC Comic scans now completed.
That's 95.37% of all DC now scanned.
Just 1,633 issues left to go or 4.63%.

33,000 comics - if you were able to read 4 comics a night, it would take you over 20 years to read all the currently scanned DC comics.

What you won't find in this document is the complete list of all scanned DC Comics. I had to delete that to make the pages work in a browser (imagine a web page with 33K table cells on it, and you start to see the problem.) - If you would like a copy of the original excel document, leave a comment. :)

Thanks to Phantom Stranger for his hard work on this! (and I removed your email in case some crazy DC Lawyer wants to cause trouble.) Also thanks to Darkseid, KingDaubach, Kaotic1, rorschach, Brainiac,Tomander and Heretic for providing updates.

- Jim


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hey there, thanks for the updated list. Sadly this appears to be the only spot I can find it. I'd love a copy of the original file if you could.

Jim Shelley said...

Andrew, exactly how would I contact you?


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