Monday, October 12, 2009

Free Comics Monday: The Face

The Face is radio announcer Tony Trent, who decides to fight crime after having witnessed a murder committed by gangsters disguised as cops. Having no innate superpowers, he instead uses a frightful mask to scare criminals, not unlike Batman. With issue 63, he no longer wears the mask and fights crime as himself.

The Face 02

[ The Face 02 ]

Created by artist Mart Bailey and an unknown writer. The Face first appeared in the Columbia Comics anthology title Big Shot Comics #1 (May 1940) and continued until issue 62 (January, 1946). From issue 63 the feature continued as Tony Trent until Big Shot 104, the final issue of the series. Apart from appearing in Big Shot, The Face also had two issues of his own title (1941-1942), as well as two as Tony Trent (1948).

Big Shot 19

[ Big Shot 19 ]

The character has recently reappeared as part of Dynamite Entertainment's Project Superpowers, going by the name "Mister Face." In this series he is capable of producing (uncontrolled) terrifying hallucinations in others.



RKB said...

their is no character project super powers won't piss all over. :(

Big Shot comics on the other hand is awesome, and so is The Face. The stories are fine, but the art is an absolute stand out.

Jim Shelley said...


It's funny cuz it's true!


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