Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pierre Speaks: Dynamos - Part 1

DynamoEditor's note: Today is the first of three blogs from Pierre concerning a rather unfortunate experience he had working on a comic project called Dynamos. - Jim

When the First Ladies project went down the drain, I was asked to work on another project called “Dynamos

Although I was not really told why the “First Ladies” writer left with his project, I agreed to work on something else. Once again, in the hope of getting my name out there.
I did not expect any promises of a share in future profits to pay off. But I figured that if I can get at least some exposure out of this… why not?

So I got started to design the various characters.

With First Ladies, there were 12 “First Ladies” to design, plus various other characters.

Although there weren’t as many “Dynamos” to design, what was needed was a young version of the characters that would be set in the past in various flashbacks or other stuff like an old photograph for example, and an older version for the present time.

There already was a design for one of the characters, and I tried to make the other members of the Dynamos team to match a little with the already existing design, but still keep each design distinctive.

Dynamo (young)

Dynamo (old)

I did not want to give them a “team uniform”, but I still wanted to create some sort of unity between each members.


In most cases, all I was given was the name of the characters to come up with the designs.

So I included some of my own ideas into the mix.

At some point, I started wondering why someone like Captain America did not have Iron-Man’s armor. It seemed that the “super-soldier” would be even more “super” with a high tech suit of armor.

So at some point I started to wonder about how the “super-soldier” program could have evolved into the “Iron-Man” program at some point.

Since I don’t waste anything, I always am prepared to re-use some older stuff that I made, or ideas that I had.

So once I was given a bunch of names to come up with a bunch of characters, I was quick to use my “Super-soldier/Iron-Man” fantasy as a starting point for designing the look of one of them characters. ;)

Then I just tried to make the rest of the team match with what I had in mind.

Bionic version 1


Bionic version 2




Shapeling (Old)




Ironically enough, the first story did not feature the “Dynamos”…. At all.

I will explain what happened next week! :)

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