Monday, June 22, 2009

Free Comics Monday: Crime Does Not Pay

Last week, I posted a question to regular visitors of Free Comics Monday asking people how did they feel about Dynamite's stories involving the Golden Age characters. I got the most responses I've ever gotten for a Free Comics Monday post with the majority of people saying they did NOT like the Dynamite stories. Thanks to everyone who posted a response!

Today, stepping away from superhero stories for a bit, I would like to call your attention to a great series of articles on the Pigs of the Industry Blog about the work of Charles Biro. Written by RKB, a name familiar to people who read the comments section of this blog, this has been an interesting and informative series I highly recommend if your a fan of the Golden Age.

One of the comics mentioned in these articles is Crime Does Not Pay 48, so I thought I'd make today's featured title.

Crime Does Not Pay 48

[ Crime Does Not Pay 48 ]

Crime Does Not Pay 58

[ Crime Does Not Pay 58 ]

- Enjoy!

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RKB said...

Thanks again for the kind words Jim.


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