Monday, August 4, 2008

Free Comics Monday: Shield Wizard Comics

Last week I mentioned DC was going to be bringing back some of the old MLJ heroes. Well, this week, I present two comics with two of those heroes, The Shield and The Wizard.

Here is what wikipedia say about The Shield:

The Shield is the name of several fictional patriotic superheroes created by MLJ (now known as Archie Comics). The Shield has the distinction of being one of the first superheroes with a costume based upon the American Flag, beating out Captain America by fourteen months. (Mister America, who later became Americommando is often named as the very first as he appeared at the same time as Superman in Action Comics #1, June, 1938, 16 months before The Shield and thus beating Captain America by some 30 months. During this period however he was an adventurer in plain clothes called Tex Thomson and did not become the Americommando, nor was he referred to by that name until late 1940/early 1941, well after The Shield was introduced).

The name has been used by MLJ/Archie for 3 characters. DC Comics' Impact line, which were licensed versions of the Archie characters, also used the name for several characters.

[ Shield Wizard 01 ]

Here is what wikipedia say about The Wizard:

The Wizard is a fictional superhero character created by Will Harr and Edd Ashe, Jr. for MLJ Comics, which later became Archie Comics. He first appeared in Top-Notch Comics #1 in December 1939, and he was the headliner of that title until its cancellation in 1944. He was one of the earliest superhero characters to appear after the debut of Superman in 1938.

[ Shield Wizard 02 ]



Anonymous said...

The Shield comics are enjoyable enough, but the Wizard stories are really something else, with their Revolutionary War-era radio and airplane. What makes it really great is that at one point he teams up with Mad Anthony Wayne--and the DCU's Mad Anthony Wayne is the identical ancestor of Batman! It's this kind of thing that makes me wish that Busiek or Waid was going to revive these characters instead of JMS.

joe said...
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