Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pierre Speaks: What is my REAL Job?

Often when I tell people that I am an artist, it is not rare that they will tell me...."That's nice dear but... What is your REAL job" (yes Phil.... I am thinking of your wife as I'm typing this ;) ).

I am one of those "fortunate" people for whom drawing is his "real" job. After doing it for more then 10 years, I can't imagine myself doing any other job.

Note from Jim: the above pic is from Bob Morane, a cartoon Pierre was an animator on.

Somehow.... people can't imagine drawing as a job.

And even worse when it comes to drawing silly comics for a website.

At least when I mention that I am working on various TV series.... people see that as something more respectable. Heck you should have seen some people's reaction when I worked on a feature film. But still they don't see that as a "real" job.

Note 2 from Jim: Pierre was an animator on Heavy Metal 2000.

I have been working as an artist since 1996.

Although I did various crappy assignments before that like business cards, posters, and other stuff that I can't recall... I started considering myself as an artist.... heck even better.... as a professional artist only when I broke into 2D animation for some reason.

In addition to my work on Flashback Universe... and something else that Jim should announce soon, I am currently working on the Award Winning TV series "Arthur" This is my third season (more technically since we usually do 2 seasons at once) working on "Arthur" and I also did some artwork for licensing with the little guy.

Although we were in nomination for an Emmy this year, we did not win. :(

But we did win 2 Emmy Awards many seasons ago while I was working on the show. And the series won even more of those Emmys since it first started.

In the future, I will try to make a blog to explain the various steps of an animated production..... at least I can talk about the various tasks that I have done through the years.

And now not only can I call myself and artist, but I can call myself a comic book artist.

To quote my "friend" Boromir...

"Ahhhhhh.... Today... life is good. ;)

Until next time.


Pierre Villeneuve said...

Just a precision (sorry Jim ;) ).

I never was never an animator.

I was part of the design team, and later the layout and posing team on Bob Morane.

Bob Morane has to be the best animated project I have worked on. I am very proud to have worked on that show.

And I was part of the design team on Heavy Metal 2000.

So although I did work in animation... I never was an animator. ;)

Frank Dirscherl said...

Love the info/pics from very favourite cartoon series--EVER! :)

Pierre Villeneuve said...

I suspected that you would get a kick out of it Frank.

I will let you know when I make a Blog exclusively about Arthur.

Jim Shelley said...

Pierre, Sorry my bad about referring to you as an animator. Somehow, I've always been under the impression that's what you did on Arthur! :)


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