Monday, August 11, 2008

Free Comis Monday: The Little Wise Guys

Okay, picture this - you've got a comic that holds the world record for single issue sales (in the millions) but because of changing tastes you decide to push the main character into the background and focus on his kid sidekicks insteads. It sounds crazy, but in the 1950's that's exactly what Charles Biro did with his DareDevil comic when The Little Wise Guys took the spotlight.

Here is what wikipedia say about The Little WiseGuys:

Biro introduced popular supporting characters the Little Wise Guys in Daredevil #13 (Oct. 1942). A "kid gang" similar to DC Comics' Newsboy Legion and many others, the group consisted of Curly, Jocko, Peewee, Scarecrow and Meatball — the last of whom, with remarkable daring, was killed two issues later. By the late 1940s, with superheroes going out of fashion, the Little Wise Guys took center stage, edging out Daredevil altogether with issue #70 (Jan. 1950). The series lasted through #134 (Sept. 1956).

[ DareDevil Comics 55 ]

[ DareDevil Comics 56 ]


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