Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pierre says: I'm not 65 years old..... yet. ;)

What do I mean by that?

When I talk about comics and mention some of my favorite characters as a kid, I will mention the Flash or Daredevil. Nothing strange about that so far.... right?

But when I mention the DD comics I was reading as a kid, unlike many others my age, I don't mention the Miller DD. I talk about the AWESOME DD comics drawn by some guy named Wallace Wood.

Then by John Romita SR,

and later by Gene Colan.

And it gets even worse when I mention the Flash and talk about some great Flash comics drawn by Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson. When I mention how I loved reading the "Flash of 2 worlds" story as a kid, usually people ask me "How old are you?" because they wonder how I could have read those stories as a kid... although it is made even worse since people usually think that I am younger then I really am... Might be because of my baby face. ;)

As a kid, I was reading french translation of american comics... which was mostly Marvel comics at the time, but some DC comics like Flash made it in french in Quebec.

And the summer of 1979, we got 2 "NEW" comic series.... the Flash and Daredevil.

Ahhhhhh.... the memories.

Also thanks to that, I was first introduced to Green Lantern as being Alan Scott. I like Kyle, and I became a fan of Hal thanks to New Frontier, of Jon in JLU, and of Guy in JLI/GL;Recharge, but to me the "REAL" GL is Alan. ;)

I loved the Flash comic back then. And little did I know that it was originally published more then 20 years before. It would also have some Kid Flash back-up features which were from more recent stories at the time.

And for some reasons the stories were not published in the same order they were originally printed in the US. So sometimes we would get a Flash story with Kid Flash wearing his first costume (which was the same as Flash), and then a back-up tale of Kid Flash when he was older with his "yellow" costume.

A few years later I would scream "SACRILEGE!!!" when Barry Allen would die in "Crisis on Infinite Earths". Although who knows.... we might see him again someday. ;)

And while many were reading a version of DD by Miller where he was in love with some "assassin" named Elektra, I was discovering DD drawn by Wood and was introduced to the Matt/Karen/Foggy love triangle. Years later when I would finally read the Miller DD with Elektra.... I would be scratching my head wondering... "Elektra Nachios?? Really??". Even today I am still wondering what some saw in this Elektra.

But what can I say.... how can I understand what these "young kids" see in her....

I am old. ;)

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