Friday, July 9, 2010

Zuda News

If you haven't heard, Zuda's competitive arm (if you can call it that, since it was really a popularity contest) has been shut down for good. The imprit seems to still exist for now, with established Zuda creators and books leaping over to DC's new iPad store (High Moon, Night Owls, & Bayou) through Comixology.

I'm still waiting for Azure, I'll pick that one up at any price!

So what now? Well it's been stated that some Zuda books/creators would stick with the imprint but others won't. What about all of those creators who won a competition but hadn't had a chance to really get going with their comic? What about all of those creators who had a pitch submitted previous to the shut down?

Believe it or not there are people out there listening.

Bleeding Cool is reporting:

"But what happens to the abandoned creators, the abandoned properties? I understand that wevolt, a digital online comics hub bought up by Wowio has made a number of aggressive moves towards these creators, offering them complete ownership of their work, an established audience and a chance to keep their dreams going." ~BleedingCool

WeVolt seems like a good home for the Zuda comics creators, not only is it flash based, there are all ready more than a few cool comics there now:

Multiversity Comics is reporting:

"This morning, we received the press release for a company that up until today we had never heard of: Killing The Grizzy. What is this, you might ask? Well, according to their press release, they're a brand new agency that hopes to breathe something new into the comic community. This includes both funding and marketing for unknown works with the basic idea being to forge a better community. What is really eye catching about the press release, though, is the big bold "Alternative To Zuda" comment. To quote the press release, "We’re in the process of putting together the pieces for an alternative to the now quashed ZUDA, and it won’t be a competition structure, but something far more organic, open, and fair and it will go far beyond what ZUDA ever did." Supposedly this will be up in a matter of weeks."~MultiversityComics

Neither posting really gives any concrete details regarding how they'd structure any sort of competition hosted on their site. Now multiple members of the extended FBU team have submitted comics to Zuda, or were just about too, so we've definitely got opinions to spare on how we'd run a new replacement to Zuda but we'd like to know what you think.

How could a replacement be a true competition? How would you set up the rules, guidelines, and standards? What would you like to see as at least one a key factor of a successful replacement?

Converse! :)

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MattComix said...

Honestly I was never big on the whole competition aspect of Zuda to begin with. While there are little things I don't like the design of the free version, I think wevolt is a much better idea all around and I'll be curious to see where they go from here.

Jim Shelley said...

@MattComix - yeah, I think we are all sort of watching things to see what happens from here on out. I've been calling this a watershed year for comics, and I think that's going to prove true.


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