Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waiting until the deal is done

As Jim mentioned before... I have been up for a promotion for some time. I would have said something about it earlier, but I hate to mention such things before it is absolutely certain.

It does happen that things don't work according to plan... and that you don't get the job you were promised.
There can be many factors behind that.

The project could be delayed... the investors could pull out their funding... or just plain... the studio could decide to get the work done oversea to cut down on cost... or the day you are supposed to start on a project... you break a leg and spend the next two months in the hospital.

So until you have you contract in your pocket with your signature on it... it would be wise to shut up about it.

Nothing worse then telling someone that you will be working on the next Batman Animated movie.... only to see that never happen.

Then you end up looking like either:

A) A liar who was bragging and making up stories.

B) A faillure. An incompetent who was not capable to get the job and who is making up excuses about it.

Ultimately... you end up looking like a fool either way, so I always prefer to play it close to the vest. I prefer not to talk about such things until it is a done deal.

But now that my contract is sealed in blood.... or something like that.... I can now safely tell you guys that I have been promoted to the rank of Storyboard Supervisor at the studio.

I will admit that I was a little surprised. I did not expect this at this time. But I was very happy to be offered such a promotion. You often are told what I call “empty compliments”... but this offer .... short of being sent a copy of the New Frontier Absolute Edition... was the best compliment possible in my book.
I much prefer when people talk with their actions then with words.

And this was a great example of this.

Until next time. ;)


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