Friday, June 4, 2010

Comic Con

Around here were big proponents of Digital Comic Books. Whether there read on a desktop through such software as Longbox or, on the iPhone with apps like Comiczeal or Comixology, or on a tablet such as the iPad and others - we likes 'em!

The debate about which is better, print or digital, will never really end each media format having it's champions who will carry it's torch forever. One thing that digital comics has yet to be able to do however, no matter how hard some have tried, is capture the feel of a real life Comic Book Convention in a "Digital Comic Book" fashion.

Several attempts have been made, such as

It just isn't the same though. At a live comic book convention you get to meet your favorite creators in person (not chat with them over the internet), have your favorite books signed by those who made it (not order the current book they have to offer with a signature), have your portfolio reviewed by a master who you respect (the advice you'll get by being there will be invaluable) and more such as standing in lines, and while there are those would not put standing in a line at the top of their list of fun things to do at a con, it's part of the over all experience. A part of the experience that could actually be fun and beneficial too, depending on who you meet.

Living in the Pacific Northwest I've not had the pleasure of traveling to San Diego, Chicago, New York, or even Seattle (albeit time is the culprit there, I really have no excuse other than time) to attend a local con there.

However, I have been to the Portland Comic Book Convention. With the Rose Garden you can stand in line for quite a while before you actually get to see into the hall that the con is being held in. Once you pay, buy your raffle ticket, sign up for a few door prizes, and pick up goody bags provided by local merchants you finally get to enter the hall and I remember that it was quite a shock at how big the space actually was. The space was full too, not an unused square foot in the room shucking everything from boxes and boxes of old comics to bootleg movies.

I remember that HUGE names in comic books had come to town to do a signing (which was why I'd finally made the time to go to a comic book convention). When I got there the convention hall had roped of the table where the big names were sitting with red velvet, so fan boys couldn't get close to them.

Well such as life, my books signed and back in my bag I wandered the walk areas looking to spend my hard earned money on. There was too much of course - I couldn't afford to get it all. I settled on a sketch instead, from a local comic book artist, and was able to get the exact character I'd requested.

Even though I was quickly running out of money it was still cool to see what everyone else was buying. I went home with comics I'd never heard of, signed books, a sketch for my wall, and a couple new fiends.

There's nothing like a live Comic Con like what's going on this weekend. It's called HeroesCon and it's happening in Charlotte NC.

Jim Shelley the owner and editor of the FBU will be there so look him up.
He may even find his twitter account useful this weekend...

Have fun at the con Jim,


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Jim Shelley said...

Ah! That's why you decided to follow me on Twitter now! To be honest, I normally shun that as I don't feel I'm quite the type of guy to use such a thing (but other people make great use of it...)

However, if I can get it to work in the convention floor, I will tweet messages over the weekend. Seems to me I remember HeroesCon charges a freaking ton for the use of their wifi - maybe things are better now.

Great article Caine!


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