Monday, September 28, 2009

Free Comics Monday: Things and Creatures

Before we get to today's free comics, I want to explain how I picked them. Last week, Gentleman Jerry Hinds has sent me a few more pages of the Creature Wildcard Comic he is working on - So Falls the World (written by Charismatic Chris Sims ). (see below)

So Falls The World

So Falls The World

Anway, between these awesome new pages and some conversations I've been having with a few other folks about Public Domain characters, it got me to thinking about Public Domain versions of The Creature and The Thing.

I'm talking about the characters that appeared in the 50's in Charlton is the Creature:

50's Creature

and here is The Thing from Charlton

The Thing

Now, at this point, using The Thing in a comic book is pretty much impossible because Marvel's version is trademarked 7 ways to Sunday. However that golden age Creature has some possibilities doesn't it?

Here are the comics wherein you'll find the first (and only?) appearances of both characters:

Charlton's The Thing

Charlton's The Thing 02


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Dan N said...

Actually, the Creature from Dimension 2-K-31 and the Thing are the same character.


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