Friday, January 16, 2009

Which Red Death is Better

Today is a short post because like a character in a Jack London story, I've gotta build a fire and keep it going (our heater is on the fritz.)

Anway, I mentioned the Wayback Universe a while back, which is our Golden Age Flashback Universe. One of the characters in this universe is a guy we are calling The Red Death. He's our tip of the hat to The Black Terror. Pierre's whipped up a pretty nice costume for the character, but we are both waffling on the color scheme.

Below are two images Pierre did with the character as a test. The images are from a story we are working on called The Trial of the Red Death. If anyone has a preference, please let us know.

Black and Red?

Or All Red?
Have a great weekend!


Sean Kleefeld said...

FWIW, I like the black cape, but with the black eye covers.

MJ Fletcher said...

I like the black and red, as well.

Caine said...

The black cape makes it work for me. Love this idea.

Phil Looney said...

I vote black and red, with the white eyeholes.

Secret-HQ said...

Definitely the black version! Evocative of the Black Terror and stylish, to boot.

Anonymous said...

I like the all red version the best, but in reference to the Black Terror if you go with that I would make the cape lining black. Also I thinkthe white eyes contrast better with the red than the black ones.

Kory (

Jim Shelley said...

Thank you guys! It sounds like the black cape is the winner. :)


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