Monday, January 12, 2009

Free Comics Monday: Blue Bolt

Okay, normally I don't like to pick on the origins of Golden Age heroes because by and large, the magic thinking involved in their origins is some of the charm of the age. However today's is just a little over the top:

A young American struck by lightning has been hurled down to the subterranean land of Deltos. Dr. Bertof - scientist and ruler of Deltos - reviving him with injections of Radium has harnessed the power of lightning in his body. So was born the Blue Bolt.

So that's Lightning + Suterranean Science + Radium = superhero. (+ ray gun.)

Anyway, this character was created by Joe Simon, so the artwork is top notch!

Blue Bolt 2

[ Blue Bolt 02 ]

Wikipedia says...

Initially published by Novelty Press, Blue Bolt Comics, one of the earliest comic books titled after a single character, ran 110 issues, cover-dated June 1940 to August 1951. Its namesake hero was created by writer-artist Joe Simon for Funnies Inc., one of the earliest comic-book "packagers" that produced outsourced comics on demand for publisher entering the fledgling medium. By the second issue, Simon had enlisted Jack Kirby as the series co-writer/artist, starting the first pairing of the future comic book legends who shortly there after created Captain America and other characters.

Blue Bolt 03

[ Blue Bolt 03 ]

- Enjoy!

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