Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pierre Speaks: Rob Liefeld

Black WidowAlready.... I can hear the internet crack in two.

If there is one name that gets a passionate reaction all over the NET.... it is "Rob Liefeld".... although I would say that John Byrne is a close second.

There are those who LOVE his work and everything he does...... and there are those who HATE him with a passion that you would think that Rob spat in their Grand-ma's face or something.

I guess I am one of the few who love some of what Rob did.... and who is "meh" with some of what he did.

So lets focus on what Rob did that I love.

What is it??


Heroes Reborn Captain America???


The comic that made me a fan of Rob is....

Hawk & Dove.

Liefeld Hawk and Dove


Yes... really.

Although I am sure that many will point out that Karl Kesel probably did a lot to improve Rob's work on that book. Yes the combination of Rob's work with Karl's work was pure magic. But say what you will... without Rob.... there would have been no "combination". No "magic".

One thing you can say about Rob's work on Hawk & Dove is that when a character grinned.... he GRINNED.

And when Rob was drawing and evil character.... he REALLY looked EEEEEVILLLLL!!

Loved his portrayal of Kestrel.

And later, when I saw the "What If" issue featuring Wolverine.... once again it made me a fan.

I loved it.

Once again... yes I am sure that Scott Williams did a good job inking Rob's work.

But once again.. no Rob.... no work to ink.

And again.... no matter what many may say about Rob's work and how much they hate it.... there is one thing that no one can deny - Rob took New Mutants, Marvel's worst selling title at the time, and he turned it around into one of it's top seller. And it sold even more when it became X-Force.

Does sales = quality??

Of course not.

But still what he did is quite a feat that many were not able to match.

I can understand that there are many creators who feel that they are infinitely more talented then Rob. That they must think that if Rob is a millionaire.... so should they since "they are much more talented then Rob".

Even if that was true... things do not work like that.

No one can predict success (will have to make a Blog about that someday ;) ).

Many may have realised that when they launched their creator owned comic and expected it to sell at least as well, if not more, then Youngblood did.... . when they expected to become millionaires.

Imagine their dissapointment when it did not do so.

Heck some of them not only did not become millionaires.... but they almost lost their shirt with their creator owned comic.

It happens.

All one can do is make the best work he can.... and hope that people like what they did.

That's what Rob did... and good for him.... New Mutant became a commercial success.

And the rest is pretty much history.

Until next time. ;)


Anonymous said...

I think part of the problem is I *don't* think Rob always did the best he could. I think sometimes he just did enough to get by.

Anonymous said...

Dude are you serious? Liefeld blows. Everybody knows that!

Anonymous said...

Looking back on it I think part of the appeal of his early stuff is that the combo of Liefeld and Kesel created a look that is sort of like a more hyper dynamic version of Arthur Adams if that makes sense.

Pierre Villeneuve said...

The Arthur Adams comment totally makes sense.

There was a lot of Art Adams in Robs work...... so that might be it.

Caine said...

What, the spike lee t.v. commercial where Rob is drawing a super hero had nothing to do with his appeal?

Anonymous said...

Interesting fact about the Hawk & Dove mini: Owing to Rob mooning over Hollywood, The Kesels pretty much had to pick up his slack.

Anonymous said...

Pierre, is English your first language?

Guest said...
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Unknown said...
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