Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mister Crimson: Episode 14

Mister Crimson Episode 14
In which we get our first look at The Mayor.
Read it Here .:


Max said...

I just discovered this series, and I read every chapter in one sitting. Let's just say that I find it to be quite awesome, indeed.

I also just downloaded and read your Fantom Force comic on the FBU web site. I really wish you guys had more Flashback Universe comics out there. I would easily replace my Marvel and DC titles with stuff like this if there was more of it out there.

And yes, that means that I would pay for it, too :)


Jim Shelley said...

@BollWeevilPrime - Thank you Max, I'm really digging Mister Crimson too. The work that Seth and Diego put into it is just really fantastic!

Thank you for the nice compliment for the FBU - Yeah, I wish we had more FBU comics, but we will have several more very soon (possibly December!)

- Jim


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