Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Go check out Comicpocalypse

Fans of Digital Comics should go check out the latest podcast from the guys at Comicpocalypse!

Here's how they describe this latest episode...an examination of comics in the Digital Age

It's comic books meets the Matrix--except no black trenchcoats or bad sequels or Keanu Reeves or all those little green numbers--as Comicpocalypse examines comics in the digital age.

Jakob Brewster talks with Comic Book Resources' featured blog, Comics Should Be Good, head honcho Brian Cronin and discusses blogging about what makes a good comic.

And then Star Wars Action News's Arnie Carvalho argues for digital comics in a special guest segment. He also reviews Marvel's Digital Comics Unlimited and other online comic sites.

I was really impressed with this podcast - and not just because they mentioned Flashback Universe (though that helped) but because they really pointed out a flaw in the Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited site than no one has talked about.

Go check out the podcast and see what I mean! :)

- Jim

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