Friday, June 6, 2008

Check out Mister Crimson

Mr Crismon I want to take a break from Paper Comic DeathWatch post today, since Heidi MacDonald seems to have done a good job covering this weeks omens of doom, and direct your attention to Mister Crimson!

Mister Crimson is a Zuda entry by artist Diego Tripodi, who was the artist on the Terrorsaur Rexx Backstory.

Fans of genre bending old school comics will get a big kick out of this comic!

Mister Crimson is the story of a pulp-era superhero that has been abducted through time. Taken from the 1930s, and sent 200 years into the future he is forced to take up fisticuffs against a rebellion that hopes to overthrow the city's leaders.

Mister Crimson is used to scraping his knuckles on shifty criminal types-- but here, he is forced to take on mutants and cyborgs who have powers that match his own. But Crimson was selected for this task specifically. His futuristic handlers know that in a word, he is unbreakable.

Fighting criminals has always been Crimson's bag-- but soon he realizes this future is not what it seems. The city leaders are corrupt, and those mutants and cyborgs that have been branded as malcontents, are actually fighting the just cause. Does Crimson join them?

Or does he continue to fight for the men who have the ability to send home?

Crimson left the past at the worst possible moment. His arch-nemesis, Ace of Spades, had finally deduced his secret identity, and kidnapped Crimson's wife and son.


Crimson had found Ace, and their final encounter had just begun when Crimson was snatched into his future.

Mister Crimson faces his biggest dilemma. Does he quell the rebellion, and earn his ticket back in time to save his family?

Or does he do what he has always done-- fight the good fight to protect the innocent? Even for a man that has no limits to his strength and invulnerability, this adventure could break him.

Flashback Fans:

I encourage fans of Flashback Universe to go and check out the Mister Crimson on Zuda and vote for it!


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