Sunday, November 11, 2007

RIP for the DCP?

Last week saw a bit of turmoil in the DCP newsgroup as one of the more well known posters (Ourobouros) found himself served with an e-mail from the DMCA (Digital Milleneum Copyright Act)

This resulted in quite a number of back and forth posts in alt.binaries.comics.dcp devoted to how the newsgroup, and all downloadable comics in general, would soon be disappearing.

Yet, that didn't seem to happen. Wednesday came, and the 0-day scans still appeared in the group, as well as the associated torrent trackers, so I suspect that just like Hydra, if you serve one comic book scanner with a cease and desist from their ISP, 2 more will rise up in their place.

The New World Record for Comic Book Downloads

Anyway, in checking out exactly how the various torrent sites were doing in the wake of the DCP furor, I ran across this little statistic on one of the member only torrent sites:

UK Edition: Transformers (UK) [ DL ] 07-10 19:35 2.31 GB 362 74 21 264,170
fyi, the 7-10 is when the torrent was originally posted and the 74/21 numbers are the number of leechers/seeders on the torrent today.

So, over 250,000 people have downloaded that run of digital comics. On an arcane site that requires a password to access. Sort of puts All Star Batman in it's place doesn't it?


Jim Shelley said...

Good Question!

As it turns out this torrent was posted on a site that does not allow movies or mp3s posted to its tracker, so while the torrent might have been *hijacked* by another tracker, most downloaders seem pretty careful about downloading the correct files.

And yet, even if you allowed for a 50% margin of error, you still get about 125,000 people who meant to download the comics. :)

Anonymous said...

Isn't the 2.31 GB the file size? That's pretty hefty for a comic.. even the whole Transformers run!

Anonymous said...

ah... though I suppose 2.31GB/250k dls could be about the size of a scanned comic.

Unknown said...

i have been trying to figure out where i can download some comic books with out having to use bitorrents or anything like that just downloading them straight off the net, quite new to this is there anychance some one could email me some links


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