Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Night of the Bat - A Lost Brave and the Bold

One of the coolest comic book sites on the internet has to be Marvel Two In One: The Lost Issues (formerly Brave and the Bold: The Lost Issues.) For those of you who have not seen the site, it's a amazing gallery of imaginary comic book covers wherein Ross, a very talented digital artist creates team ups featuring Batman or the Thing and an assortment of characters they never got to team up with. Every week I am amazed at the work and ingenuity that goes into the covers, but most recently I was surprised to see one featuring Jack Lord (I'm a HUGE Hawaii 50 fan).

I was so impressed with the H50 cover that I thought I would try to make one similar, but of a different show from my youth: The Wild Wild West. Below is my modest attempt. I'm not nearly as skilled as Ross.

SYNOPSIS: In this issue that never was, Professor Loveless is putting the final touches on his time machine when James West and Artermis Gordon bust into his secret lab. During the ensuing gun fight, bullets hit the time machine and it inadvertently transports Batman and the Joker back to the old west. In true team up fashion, Batman mistakes the gun wielding West as an outlaw. West believes The Batman is some new bodyguard hired by Loveless. Fisticuffs ensue.

The Joker quickly realizes that he should throw in with Loveless and together the beat a hasty retreat. Once safe, Loveless finds the Joker's humorous mayhem resonates with his own sense of whimsy and together they plot to kidnap a besotted President Grant and terrorize Washington.

After several plot twists which do NOT involve giant mechanical spiders, The team of Batman, West and Gordon manages to defeat Loveless and The Joker, and return them back to their rightful time.

Interesting thing I discovered while getting artwork for this cover. The old Dell Wild Wild West comics apparently are in public domain. If this is incorrect, please feel free to correct me as I would be interested in knowing the status of these comics.

I don't see the first two issues on the site, so here's number one. If you like it, feel free to check out the rest of them from the internet archive.

have a great July 4th!

- Jim


Trey said...

Nice team-up! cr

MattComix said...

This would make a great episode of the Brave and the Bold cartoon. It'd be fun to see Jim West in the shows art-style.

There's also some precedent for non-DC team-ups on the show, one of the new episodes features a team up with Space Ghost, complete with Gary Owens doing the voice.

GACN said...

This is so full of awesome!!! :-)

Pierre Villeneuve said...

This was GREAT!!!

I went through all them B&B and MTU covers in one sitting.

Loved it.

Some were priceless.

Thanks for making me discover that site.

Joyce Green said...

WONDERFUL blog! I have been looking for issue 1 and 2 of "The Wild, Wild West" Gold Key comics for a long time!!! Is there any chance you can post issue #2?

In any case, love your site!

Warmest regards, Buckarette


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