Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Man's Trash

Editor's Note: Today Clayton continues his article from last week telling us why he choose some of the Golden Age heroes he picked to appear in Agency 1. - Jim

I brought them all back for different reasons. But the main reason is because when the companies “threw away” these guys, they threw out a whole lot of potential stories that are begging to be told! And I am not ashamed to be digging through another man's trash when I see a treasure! And so many of these characters are just too interesting to let dust cover on 'em! Here are a few more that I'll be working with. (Art is from Agency 1 by Celso Ricardo)

Zippo (Hillman, 8 appearances)

You guys are going to laugh, but the only reason I brought this guy out of limbo is because I was told I couldn't use a character like him in today's comics. That he wouldn't “fit in” All I can say is: Just watch him!

Black Cobra (Chesler, 4 appearances)

The name and costume caught my attention. And again, I had to think about this guys potential. And believe me, for a guy who only had 4 appearances (that is before he went to Ajax-Farrell), he had a lot of potential!

Scarlet Arrow (Harvey. 2 appearances)

I looked at this guy an “imperfect musketeer” that can get the job done. Again, there is much potential, and many stories to tell about this guy! And only through Popbox do we get to see that little mini-me type of ancestral ghost! And I will tell you that right away, we dive into the type of character that wasn't touched upon in his two little appearances.

Enjoy this issue of Clue Comics 4 which has appearances by many of the characters that will be appearing in Agency 1!

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