Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pierre Speaks: George Perez

PerezI am OKOTA (pissed off).

I found out that there will be a new edition of George Perez: Storyteller.

Why does this makes me OKOTA??

Because although I already have the previous edition, I am crazy enough to buy the new one because they have added a new dust jacket to it. ;)

Although that is only one of the few book/magazines that I have about George’s work.

I love George’s work, and whenever a publication about his work… and most importantly some of his unpublished work…comes out, you can be sure that I am there with my wallet in hand to get myself a copy.

I would recommend that book to anyone who loves comics… and most specifically anyone who loves George’s work.

I would recommend a few other things too.

The first publication I got about George was Focus on George Perez many winters ago. I loved it.


It had lots of never before seen artwork/sketches. I love seeing those pieces of work that never were intended to be printed, or never saw print for some reason.

Then I got my hands on The George Perez Newsletter.
The only issue I got my hands on sadly. :(


Then a friend got me a BackIssue magazine featuring Perez. That was a mighty gift.


And last but not least…. When I was at HeroesCon… I had to get a few Modern Masters…. One of which was about George Perez. Great publication. I bought wayyyy to many of those Modern Masters. ;)


There was also a Comics Interview about Perez a few eons ago…. But I could never find a copy.

So if you are a comic or Perez fan…. Get your hands on those publications…. You will not regret it.

Although some like Focus on George Perez came out in the mid 80s… so finding a copy might not be an easy task.

George has been a huge influence in my work.

George Perez FF VisionariesI first saw his work around 79, and fell in love with it. It was his Avengers VS the Squadron Supreme saga and the FF when they were in the town of Salem to rescue Agatha and Franklin beautifully inked by Joe Sinnott.

How I loved reading those comics and have read them about a thousand times each. It was easy back then to read the same comic multiple times, I only had about a score or two of comics back then. Now with many thousands… it is much more difficult. ;)

I loved his work on Avengers and FF.

Then I discovered the New Teen Titans, and once more, I loved George’s work.

Sadly,. I was reading a french translation of the comic at the time which got cancelled after about 18 issues. L And when the french comic was cancelled and I started reading the American comic…. Which was right around the time as Tara died and Nightwing had just appeared.

I was a little confused as to who Tara Markov and Jericho were at first.

In the late 90’s, I was able to get all the New Teen Titans comics I was missing in the quarter bin. That was some great purchase worth every pennies.

Then we got “Crisis on Inifinite Earths” which I already mentioned in a past blog. So AWESOME I HAD to get the Absolute Edition.

War of the Gods - not quite as bad as Amazon AttacksSadly…. I was never a Wonder Woman fan and was not too crazy to see George “waste” his time on that book, and also on “War of the Gods”.

But luckily, he was drawing the “Infinity Gauntlet” which was awesome. Sadly…. He did not finish the series. I was a little okota that, as I saw it at the time, he “failed” to finish the “Infinity Gauntlet” min-series to work on the crappy “War of the Gods”.

Then he worked on various series, I-Bots, Ultraforce, Ultraforce/Avengers, Sachs and Violens, and others I may fail to mention, that I enjoyed despite the various fill-ins.

Then we got him back on the Avengers with Kurt Busiek…. And later JLA/Avengers. Loved every panels of JLA/Avengers. Boy that was great. Sadly I missed the “Absolute Edition” and could no longer find a copy when I started looking for it.

Guess I will have to keep looking. ;)

Was not too crazy about his Crossgen comics…. But the artwork alone made the purchase of them comics worth it.

And lately, I loved his work on the Brave and the Bold. Although I would have preferred if he had done all 12 issues of the Book of Destiny saga. Although it is difficult to complain since it is the great Jerry Ordway who finished it.

And of course his Legion of 3 Worlds is everything one can expect from Perez.

I am dying to see the rest of the Lo3W series, and see what the next project by Perez will be.

I guess we will have to wait and see.

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