Monday, February 2, 2009

Free Comics Monday: Pierre's Airboy and The Heap

As with last week, today I will preview two more characters that will be making cameo appearances in our Trial of the Red Death comic.

First here's Pierre's Airboy using what we call his Bob Morane style...Black Condor by Pierre

And an issue of Airboy Comics featuring Airboy.

[ Airboy Comics vol 4, number 11 ]

And here is Pierre's The Heap. By the way, when I say cameos, I really want to stress the fact that these will be minor appearances in our comic. (So, don't go getting all lawyered up yet McFarlane.)

Black Terror by Pierre

And here is an issue of Airboy Comics featuring The Heap.

[ Airbody comics vol 9, number 7 ]


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