Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pierre Speaks: Heavy Metal 2000 pt 3

Julie Strain is NSFWAlthough there were many problems while working on Heavy Metal 2000, there were some good stuff too.

The best part of working on that show, was to get the chance to meet Kevin Eastman and Julie Strain.

Lets start with Julie.

Julie Strain posing for HM 2000

Not only was she gorgeous.... but she was very nice.... and REALLY sweet. It was disarming to see how sweet she actually was in person.

Julie Strain in HM 2000 Costume

And Kevin was a great guy. Very nice and very cool guy.

Heck he was nice enough to let me make copies of pages in progress of the Heavy Metal 2000 comic adaptation.

Yes the movie was an adaptation of the Melting Pot comic to begin with.... but they still made a comic adaptation of the movie. Heck in the HM comic adaptation (see below) you will see some stuff that was in early drafts of the script, but that was changed/taken out in later version of the script.

Although I AM a fool.

I was pressed for time and could not make copies of everything.

So I simply made copies of the black and white artwork..... but in retrospect..... I should have made copies of his notes and his rough sketches/thumbnails that he made for the comic.

But what is done is done.

Also both Kevin and Julie were very casual, very simple (simple in the sense of humble and unpretentious) people despite everything.

Meeting them.... although brief.... was a great experience.

If you get the chance to meet them in person at a CON or any other occasion..... you should jump at the chance and go meet them.

You will be richer for it that is for certain.

So what next......


Until next time. ;)

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