Monday, July 7, 2008

Clean Comics For Everyone!

Big Shot Comics was an American comic book series published by Columbia Comics during the 1940s period fans and historians refer to as the Golden Age of comic books. It ran 104 issues, cover-dated May 1940 to August 1949. With issue #30 (Dec. 1942), the title was shortened to simply Big Shot.

An anthology title, the series included a mix of superheroes, costumed crimefighters, crusading district attorneys, heroic magicians and others, both in original stories and in reprinted newspaper comic strip from the McNaught Syndicate. The latter included such popular strips as Dixie Dugan, Joe Palooka, and the movie-series spin-off Charlie Chan.
Original characters included Skyman and Spy-Master.

[ Download BigShot 96 ]

[ Download BigShot 100 ]


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