Friday, October 12, 2007

Creator Profiles: Chris Sims

OMAC Knows the Scope!The first time I officially met Chris Sims, he was welcoming everyone who walked into Heroes and Dragons with a resounding, "Are You Ready For OMAC?!"

And while I think this should be the welcome anthem of EVERY comic shop owner, Chris was saying this with such an earnest determination, that I wondered if maybe, just MAYBE, he knew something I didn't.

Later, after checking CNN's website, I was pretty sure Chris just really, really liked OMAC.

Anyway, in the coming months, I came to realize that Chris Sims pretty much loves comics more than anybody I've ever met in my life. And I don't mean just the joy of reading his weekly comics, but comics in all shapes, sizes and types. It doesn't matter if its some rare gem from Bob Haney and Jim Aparo or Jeff Smith's Bone or David Petersen's Mouse Guard - if it's good, odds are Chris has raved about it on his blog:

Which brings us to another aspect of Chris that has really surprised me. When he started up his blog, a lot of us guys who knew him thought it would be the perfect outlet for his unique brand of enthusiastic comics talk.

Little did we know just how successful he would become with that blog! And while a large part of it is owed to his natural wit and enthusiasm, you can't discount how much hard work he puts into it. It's very easy to make a blog. It's much, much harder to make content for it on a regular basis. After more than a thousand clicks on the publish button, Chris's efforts have made him one of the leaders of comics blogoverse.

Chris was also one of the first bloggers to support the Flashback Universe, so many of you reading this may already know all about him.

What you probably DIDN'T know is that he's written his own Flashback Universe comic coming out soon starring the Creature and WildCard! Check out this awesome cover by Jerry Hinds!

Flashback TeamUp

We'll keep you posted on this comics progress. :)

Here are Chris' answers to my Creator Survey:

What Flashback Universe comic did you work on, or are you currently scheduled to work on?

Wildcard and the Creature in "SO FALLS THE WORLD!"

Do you have a link to a blog/portfolio you would like me to include?

Of course:

What comics from the 70's did you like when you were growing up?

Denny O'Neil, Neal Adams, Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers on Batman, Bill Mantlo on... well, on just about everything Marvel published.

What writers/artists do you think you are most influenced by?

For Flashback comics, it's definitely Bill Mantlo.

Current trend in comics you hate now?

Unskillful decompression. Even when writing for the trades, there's no reason whatsoever to have a boring single issue.

Current trend in comics you like now?

Well, Iron Fist is in two comics every month, and even though one of 'em isn't any good, that's GOT to be a step in the right direction!

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