Sunday, May 5, 2013

Rainbow Godzilla vs Iron Man 3

I had planned to go see Iron Man 3 yesterday, but due to circumstance beyond my control, I found myself casting about for cheap ways to keep my daughter and her friend entertained all day. My solution: take them to Free Comic Book Day! 

As it turns out, that was the right choice as they both got a lot of free comics and were enthralled with the guest artists drawing sketches at the event. Check out our friend Sean McGuiness as he accepts the dubious challenge of drawing a Rainbow Godzilla. 

We actually ended up making two trips to the event (it was either that or go to Build-A-Bear which is sort of like the antithesis of Free Comic Book Day) and during both visits, I was impressed with how many kids were in attendance. Also impressive was how well the shop seemed to be doing on back issues and graphic novels. There was always a line at the register with people waiting to buy stuff.

As for Iron Man 3, from what I hear, it will be in the theaters for a while, so I'm sure I'll get to it eventually.

- Jim


Trey said...

I'm going to check and see if "Rainbow Godzilla - Original Art" turns up on ebay this evening...

Jim Shelley said...


It's a Buy It Now Auction, so hurry! ;)


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