Sunday, December 9, 2012

Adam Strange 100 Page Spectacular

Today I continue my series of Lost 100 Page Super Spectaculars with this entry featuring a Mystery In Space themed issue:

The Adam Strange illustration comes from the very talented Adam Moore who is known as Laemeur on You can see more of his artwork on his website:

While I've never had the pleasure of working with Adam on a Flashback Universe project, he and I were both contributors to Trey Causey's Weird Adventures (a highly original RPG setting guide.) Adam provided several fantastic illustrations for the guide and I was the layout/typesetter for the the project.

I'm still open to suggestions for Lost 100 Pagers, so if there is a classic DC character you think deserved their own 100 Page Spectacular, but didn't get one, let me know!

- Jim


JP Cote said...

Ah, Adam Strange . . . still waiting for the feature film there . . . although he could make a very interesting Saturday morning or afternoon live action series

MattComix said...

An Adam Strange cartoon by the creative team behind The Brave and The Bold would be excellent.

Jim Shelley said...

I second the motion!

It's odd that Adam Strange hasn't appeared in the New 52 yet. I wonder if he's on the reserves list for a replacement title?

JP Cote said...

I'm afraid he may have just be forgotten. That would be a shame because a guy with a rocket pack racing through space adventures has a lot of potential. Unless they are planning an 'Amy Strange' character instead . . . not sure about that one.

MattComix said...

I would not want to see a New 52 version of Adam Strange. He'd likely be a space faring psychopath mowing down aliens in some Halo wannabe scenario while seeking revenge for Alanna being killed in some gruesome (and of course explicitly on-camera)fashion.

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