Monday, October 27, 2008

Free Comics Monday: Other Voices

For reasons I can't explain yet, I was too busy to post any new public domain cbrs to my site last night, so I'd like to take this opportunity to direct you to two sites with a wealth of awesome Golden Age comics content.

The first is GoldenAgeHeroes:

Currently this site is running a great series of themed content based on Halloween...

So you're going to get Super Heroes battling all kinds of supernatural/Halloween-y things. Even if they aren't really scary stories.

Check out the amazing list of Golden Age characters listed in this sites CONTENTS sidebar!

The other site to check out is one I've mentioned before, but it bears re-mentioning, and that's Nedor-A-Day.

True to it's name this amazing site is devoted to the great Nedor Library, and never lets me down in the quality department!

So please check out both sites and tell 'em Jim sent you!

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