Monday, September 22, 2008

Free Comics Monday: Ibis The Invincible

Can't believe I've not mentioned Ibis the Invincible yet here on Free Comics Monday. See that panel on the left? That comes from Justice League of America: Crisis on Earth S, where I first discovered the character. It was the annual teamup of the JLA and JSA, only this time their adventures took them to Earth S, home of all the Fawcett characters (Captain Marvel, Spy Smasher, Bulletman, etc...)

The panel was part of three where Green Lantern's Alan Scott, Hal Jordan join up with Ibis to take down Mr. Atom. As a kid, I had read a lot about the Green Lantern's, so I knew their powers pretty well, but this was my first introduction to Ibis, and the caption in that box pretty much rocked my world - I was like, what is this IbisStick and how does it rank so high as a weapon?

After the Crisis on Earth S, I patiently waited to see an Ibis spinoff comic, cuz y'know - Dude's got one of the most power weapons in the universe - no way we won't be seeing him show back up soon!

Oh well.

At least you can enjoy his origin issue here today for free!

[ Ibis The Invincible 01 ]

Strangely, there aren't a lot of scanned issues of Ibis.

Most of them are from microfiche.

In keeping with the Fawcett theme, here is another issue of Bulletman (check out that one pre-Seduction of the Innocent panel with Bulletgirl getting choked - sort of incogruious when compared to the rest of the art - Seeing that, I almost expect to see the words Final Crisis Tie-In written somewhere on this cover...)

[ Bulletman 14 ]



Anonymous said...

I almost expect to see the words Final Crisis Tie-In written somewhere on this cover

That line made me laugh so loud the guy in the next cube had to shsss me!

Unknown said...
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