Monday, February 15, 2010

Planet of Vampires

In the comments section of my Morlock 2001 post, it was decided that the information from Beau Smith and the legal team at Eclipse Comics may have not been exactly right when they said the Atlas Comics properties had never been copyrighted.

However, I think the Atlas comics have pretty much of drifted into that realm of Limbo Domain, wherein the copyright holders don't are too apathetic to care about doing anything with the copyrighted work. (Sort of like Marvel's Rom Spaceknight.)

So today, I present another favorite of mine from the 70's Atlas Era - Planet of Vampires! With art by Pat Broderick and stories by Larry Hama and John Albano, these were some of the best examples of the potential of the Atlas Comics Company.

[ Planet of Vampires ]

[ Planet of Vampires ]

- Enjoy!


Richard said...

Yes, yes...but what am I going to do with my Phoenix the Protector revival now? Someone make me an offer, please!

Planet of Vampires is the other comic I remember most vividly from the company lineup, so it'll be nice to get reacquainted...

Jim Shelley said...

Ah...patience RAB - eventually someone will offer the heirs to the Goodman estate enough money to convince them to publish new versions of the Atlas titles... I've actually heard such negotiations are going on right now with a prominent Indy publisher.

Caine said...

I have to say, I'm just a tad young for a lot of the books that get posted here, but this one rocked.

FLAMEAPE said...

I have to say that if I came into a buttload of cashola, buying the Atlas characters and then summarily turning them out into open-source, CreativeCommons characters would be my gift to the world. It would be worth it for some of us to make webcomics with them to pull out of the woodwork the owners of the properties. Basically, a kind of AC Comics-meets-SmackJeeves-meetsPDSH Wikia site for the Atlas characters. Then after the kettle boils for a year or so of activity- I'm sure those who own them would re-assert copyright/TM's.


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