Sunday, July 12, 2009

Golden Age Firestorm?

Last January I mentioned Spark Publications' Golden Lad. Today, I present two other Spark Publication characters - including one who may have been an inspiration for DC's Firestorm.

The first is the Green Lama, who was a character who first appeared in Prize Comics over at Crestwood Publications. I presented two issues of the Prize version of the character back in February. Here is an issue of the Green Lama from Spark.

Green Lama

[ Green Lama 5 ]

The other Spark hero for today was created by Golden Age Legend Jerry Robinson - the atomic powered Atoman. Notice the similarities to Atoman's costume and DC's Firestorm. (Another atomic powered hero) - Coincidence? I think not! :)

Atoman 01

[ Atoman 01 ]


Pierre Villeneuve said...

Atoman was another character that I first saw in "the Great Comic Book Artists".

Although the book was in Black and White.... so I never made that Firestorm at the time. ;)

Pierre Villeneuve said...


I meant "Firestorm connection at the time"

Reno said...

I'm getting more of a Charlton Captain Atom vibe from Atoman. You know, the first costume he wore (the yellow one)?

Jim Shelley said...

@Pierre, I need to pick that book up, it seems to be getting referenced here a lot.

@Reno, I can see that connection as well. Especially the chainmail looking costume. Good Call!

The Irredeemable Shag said...

Interesting. I'd never heard of Atoman before now. I can see the similarities to Firestorm, but they could be a coincidence. I wrote up similarities between Firestorm and Iron Man, explaining that there are certain standards in superhero costumes that tend to be repeated.

Regardless, interesting possibility and thanks for the comics!

The Irredeemable Shag


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