Sunday, July 5, 2009

Golden Age Spider Man?

So while reading the adventures of Captain Marvel, Golden Arrow and Ibis yesterday in an issue of Whiz Comics, I came across a story with a character with a rather familiar name...

Golden Age Spider Man

Now while I don't necessarily think Marvel has anything to worry about, it might explain why Spider-man has a hyphen in his name when so many other superheroes don't.

Anyway, here is the comic where this Spider Man character appears...

Whiz Comics 89

[ Whiz Comics 89 ]

And another one from the Fawcett library of comics:

Whiz 87

[ Whiz Comics 87 ]

Both comics contain stories with Captain Marvel, Golden Arrow and Ibis, so download and enjoy!

- Jim


Anonymous said...

I am convinced that all Stan Lee did was reintroduce concepts and such back into the comics reading consciousness -- the phrase "House of Ideas" most likely came from some forgotten defunct company back in the 1950s. Thank God he did, because who knows what we'd end up with eventually?

RKB said...

This spider-man reminds me of those 'spider' characters you see in old black and white cartoons with the hairy arms. It also reminds me of Erik Larsen's spider man character in the Savage Dragon mini-series way back in the 90's.
Ah Captain Marvel such a shame the house of ideas stole the name.

Secret-HQ said...

This is as good an excuse as any to mention Spidey's most direct ancestor, the Tarantula, who ran in Star-Spangled Comics. Big thanks to Roy Thomas for resurrecting him in All-Star Squadron in the '80s and even pointing out, via a footnote, that he'd been called "Spider Man" (or some differently-punctuated version thereof) on at least one occasion during his run. And props to Jerry Ordway for redesigning his suit and giving us one of the best modern takes on a '40s hero-/pulp-inspired outfit to ever come out of mainstream comics. Thomas even gave him a suitably vintage motivation, as a writer who became a mystery man in order to write about them.

GACN said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
GACN said...

Hey guys! I decided to formally open up a blogger account so I could stop being one of the "anonymous" people.

This is boox909 from the GA-UK download site btw, and the first comment in this thread is from me.

Neutron Comics said...

For some reason this made me think of that giant spider on an episode of Gilligan's Island.

These old school comics are awesome.

Jim Shelley said...

Boox/GACN - good to see you over here! I've always wondered who Anonymous was. :D

@RKB - I know EXACTLY what cartoons you are talking about - it's like the old Silly Symphony cartoons with the crazy music in them, right?

@Secret-HQ - I never read the All-Star Squadron stories you mention, but someone told me there are some cool Robot Man stuff in those as well, so I should track 'em down.

@Neutron Comics - yeah, that's one of those B/W Gilligan's and that spider *totally* freaked me out as a kid, the way it bounced when it moved across the cave!


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