Monday, January 19, 2009

Free Comics Monday: Golden Lad

Today's Free Comic is from Spark Publications - a character named Golden Lad. Spark Publications was a short-lived comic book publisher in the mid-1940s. Most of their comics were produced by a studio run by Jerry Robinson and Mort Meskin. I recently discovered Golden Lad because of a newly scanned copy of issue 5 that was released, and I was very impressed with the art in the issue.


Tommy Preston was a high school age lad who worked after school in his grandfather's antique shop. Amongst the items there, one day he discovered an old relic, the Heart of Gold. This was an Aztec artifact that had magical powers, due to the blood of thousands of people who had been sacrificed to it. It offered super powers to anyone who held it and said aloud the name of the talisman and wanted to help justice. ~check ComicVine for more

Blue Bolt 2

[ Golden Lad 01 ]

After his short run, Golden Lad disappeared except for a single story that was included in an AC Comics reprint book in 1996.

Blue Bolt 03

[ Golden Lad 05 ]

- Enjoy!

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