Friday, July 10, 2009

Digital Comics Netbook/Crunchpad Ready Now

Two weeks ago we posted about new developments in hardware, such as a netbook and crunchpad, and web based delivery systems that were all ready set and ready to bring digital comics to such devices. This week we'll expand on that theme with "hosted" digital comics, up on the web right now, that will be extremely easy to navigate to with your new netbook or crunchpad.

You won't need software (mac and Linux users rejoice), or anything other than a browser to read them and best of all, with a small, light weight portable device they can now be read anywhere there is an Internet connection (like the john).

I want to point out that there is no order here, they are all great sites with great content listed in the order I found/ or remembered them.

I would also point out, I'm resisting the urge to "review" these books as I've read all of them and find them very well put together comics that I'd purchase at a comic shop if given the chance but I'll leave you to discover them on your own...


The Amalgamated Artists is a very clean and easy to use flash based digital comic book displayer/ reader set up by a group of talented comic creators. While the "About Us" page has little in the way of info on the group them selves, there are detailed sections on each creator.

One of their comics...


To tell the truth I had never heard of UNTRUE TALES before setting up this blog post. I asked for suggestions in my twitter stream and this came up. It seems well put together and well respected. The site is easy to navigate and fast to load.
One of their comics...

The Trouble With Uzis


The Retriever introduces a new genre of comic books. It may sound cheesy, but Noir-Fu is the best name I could think of for it. Inspired slightly by the lengend of the Monkey's Paw and my desire to explore irony and the unexpected, The Retriever blends crime noir and the kung-fu genre to explore these themes in a new light.
- Daniel Fu, Creator

The three creators who make up CRANKY OCTOPUS are die hard comic book lovers. CRANKY OCTOPUS started, if I'm not mistaken, from a very well put together X-Men fan fiction web site with hundreds of readers /contributers each month...

One of their comics..

The sibling super heroes' first mission as a crime fighting duo: foil a gang of bank robbers. Sounds easy enough, right? Right? Hmmm...
- Cranky Octopus


In a world where super powered beings are a feared, yet revered minority, International Andrology & Cryobank CEO Dr. Michael Billings plans to profit by selling the promise of extraordinary gifted children through his Super Seed Program.
- Tyler James, Creator

Each of these are Web Device ready right now. There is more out there as well, many more...

Have a great weekend!


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Gene said...

Hey Jim! Just found your link to Cranky Octopus. Thanks for that! I've been to the Flashback blog a couple times in the past. Good stuff! Glad to see you guys are still going strong. :)


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