Monday, July 27, 2009

Free Comics Monday: Power Nelson

When I think of 1982, I think of many things:

Screaming for Vengeance
Remington Steele

but what I almost always forget is how civilization was conquered by Mongol Hordes.

Power Nelson

Thank God we had Power Nelson to save us!

Power Nelson is another character from the Crestwood/Prize/Feature publications house who appeared in an anthology comic Prize Comics. Other regulars in this series included The Black Owl, The Green Lama and Frankenstein.

Prize Comics 03

[ Prize Comics 03 ]

Power Nelson has recently been featured in the second Project Superpowers series from Dynamite Entertainment where he has been elected President of the United States. Normally I would think people would be relunctant to vote for a man who wears spikes on his clothes, but he most likely won simply on the strength of his reputation for punching robots so hard their guts exploded.

Prize 04

[ Prize Comics 04 ]



Sea-of-Green said...

And thus, Magnus Robot Fighter was born ...!

Jim Shelley said...

You know - I would love to post some of the old Magnus Robot Fighters, but I'm not sure they are in public domain. I should check on that.

GACN said...

I still don't know what to make of Power Nelson -- but it is good that many of these older characters are being exposed to a hungry audience.

Jim Shelley said...

@GACN - yeah, Power Nelson is a little wonky isn't he? He's got Daredevil's spikes, a sort of Flash Gordon feel and Superman-like powers. It definitely feels like they were trying to cover all their bases on this one. :D


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