Monday, March 3, 2008

Free Comics Monday: Judy of the Jungle

Today's Free Comics are from Nedor Publishing: Judy of the Jungle.

Wikipedia says:

Judy of the Jungle is a fictional character from the Golden Age of Comics that appeared in comic books published by Nedor Comics. She debuted in Exciting Comics #55(May 1947).

Judy appeared as a regular backup feature in Exciting Comics, displacing Miss Masque. She soon began appearing on the covers, with art provided by Alex Schomburg. Some of Judy's stories featured early work by Frank Frazetta.[1] Judy's last Golden Age appearance was in Exciting Comics #69 (September 1949).

AC Comics reprinted several of Judy's adventures in 1993 and 1999.

[ Download Exciting Comics 60 ]

[ Download Exciting Comics 62 ]

Hope you enjoy them!

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