Monday, March 31, 2008

Free Comics Monday: Fox Feature Syndicate

Welcome to Free Comics Monday number 12. Normally I post two issues of the same comic series but today I'm going to shun tradition and offer two comics that are very different from each other. Both comics were published originally by Fox-Feature Syndicate.

This first comic is called Romeo Tubbs, and that is simplt the greatest name for a character I've ever heard! He's sort of an Archie rip off, but I think you'll find the stories very enjoyable.

[ Download RomeoTubbs26 ]

Our next comics features Rulah, The Jungle Goddess as well as Blue Beetle and Phantom Lady.

[ Download All Top 08 ]

That's an interesting cover on that *All Top* Comics isn't it?

But I think we can all agree that comics have progressed much beyond the need to use such gimmicky cheesecake covers to sell themselves right?

Or Not...

All Top Indeed.


ps: please don't take this as any type of endorsement for Countdown


JayDubya said...

Slightly odd comment here: Since you guys are working with Chris Sims (of Invincible Super-Blog fame), I was wondering if you could get the address to his 'new' site? no longer seems to work. Much appreciation if you could figure it out from him.

Jim Shelley said...


I think it's an error with the ISP he's using. As far as I know, he's aware of the problem and working to get it resolved.

- Jim

Unknown said...
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