Monday, March 24, 2008

Free Comics Monday: The Blue Beetle

The Blue Beetle is one of those characters from the Golden Age who has been reinvented many times over the years. Most recently is Jason Wright's Fave, the Jaime Reyes version at DC. And while I don't know what fate has in store for the newest incarnation now that writer John Rogers is leaving the book, I think he'll stay around in some form. It's really hard to kill a good character like that.

Unless your Dan Didio, then it's apparently very easy. :P

Here's what Wikipedia says about the original version of the character...

The original Blue Beetle, Dan Garrett, first appeared in Fox Comics' Mystery Men Comics #1 (Aug. 1939), with art by Charles Nicholas Wojtkowski (as Charles Nicholas) (though the Grand Comics Database tentatively credits Will Eisner as the scripter.[1]) A rookie police officer, he used special equipment, a bulletproof costume (sometimes) and a superstrength-inducing "vitamin", and the assistance of a neighborhood pharmacist to fight crime.

He starred in a comic book series, comic strip and radio serial but, like
most Golden Age superheroes, he fell into obscurity in the 1950s. The comic book series saw a number of anomalies in publication: 19 issues, #12 through #30, were published through Holyoke Publishing; no issue #43 was published; publication frequency varied through the run; and there were gaps where issues were not published, with large ones occurring in early 1947 and between mid-1948 and early 1950.

[ Download Blue Beetle 04 ]

[ Download Blue Beetle 09 ]

- Enjoy!


David Gallaher said...

I'm a huge fan of the old radio serials. But, I'm an Old Time Radio nerd.

Chuck Miller said...

Dan Didio makes me ill. What is he anyhow, a wrestler or something?

Jim Shelley said...

No, Dan is not a wrestler, but your question has me pondering the awesomeness that would be a Ric Flair led DC Comics company!

Chuck Miller said...

It couldn't hurt.

Chuck Miller said...

That reminds me, before I got bogged down in all that Dan Didio, I meant to thank you for all the great files you have posted on here! I've really been enjoying it!


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