Friday, April 30, 2010

Two NEW Free Comics from Flashback Universe!

As Caine mentioned yesterday, in honor Free Comics Day, we are proud to present two complete Free Comic stories for you read/download

The first one is a new Flashback Universe story courtesy of Chad Bowers, Caine Dorr, Chris Nye, Donald Jackson and Liezl Buenaventura. This comic is in the vein of the old Marvel comics wherein two heroes would share a comic. Mysterious Journeys featuring Prometheus and Amanita! Click on the image to download the entire comic in rar format (which is the same format I use ever Monday for my Free Comics Monday.)

If you are a newcomer to the whole downloadable comics scene, click here to get an idea how how it works...

For those of you afraid to download a digital comic, you'll be happy to read our second offering hell-bent: Infamous Monsters - a web comic story written by FBU friend Trey Causey featuring art by Diego Candia.

hell-bent Infamous Monsters

- Enjoy!

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