Friday, April 23, 2010

Digital Comics Funding 2

There are several challenges to getting a comic book made. I don't think anyone would argue that money is the largest of those challenges. It may not necessarily be cold hard cash were talking about here, money could easily be replaced with time if you were doing a comic completely on your own, but the value of time = money as we all know so the point stands as far as this blogger is concerned.

What if you found a way to easily provide the money needed (which in turn would afford you the time needed depending on the structure of your project) to get a comic book made?

Two weeks ago we began this topic of discussion by examining the web site KICKSTARTER and today we'll look at an alternative called INDIEGOGO.

Indiegogo is a funding platform for artists, designers, musicians, journalists, inventors, & film makers, a group that they've catered to in many ways.

Indiegogo allows all comic book creators, established or new to the business, the ability to offer something a bit like TopCow's "Pilot Season" where the creators pitch the fans potential books they want to release and allow the fans to pledge money toward the creation of one or more of those comics.

Directly from Indiegogo's site...

Earn Rewards:
IndieGoGo pays you a bonus of 5% for every dollar you raise if you meet your goal.

It's Your Money:
Whether you reach your goal or not, keep the money you raise.

Ideas from Across the World:
Projects and members hail from 114 countries. No matter where you live, you can post or fund a project today.

Funder Friendly:
Make it easy for your fans to fund you; accept payments via credit card, Amazon Payments or check.

IndieGoGo adds Analytics to Every Project:
Start Tracking Your Success!
Want to know how many project views your twitter campaign drove? Or how many referrals your friend's Facebook post brought? Or the contributions that resulted from a blog write-up? Here's your data! Now You Can Track Your Fundraising Success...

Views: total number of visits to your page.
Funders: number of contributors Funds contributions: money raised
Referrals: number of visits that result from someone sharing your project using widgets, twitter, google buzz, facebook and emails (from the SHARE WITH FRIENDS section)
Favorites: number of IndieGoGo members who have added your project to their Favorites
Requests to visit: number of times someone has requested your project come to their town

Like we did with Kickstarter two weeks a go, here's a look at a project currently on Indiegogo...

Death Walks the Streets - The Comic Book Series
With two issues already in-print from THE SCREAM FACTORY and set for a late April 2010 release through Panelfly for the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad – DEATH WALKS THE STREETS (DWTS) is a BIG new world of horrific adventure, filled with colorful characters and fantastic creatures. Follow the adventures of three friends as they navigate a world populated by Vampires, Demons, Zombies, Werewolves, and The Mob.

$1 or more = Fringe Member-The OrganizationA $1-14

Contribution will get you a special "thank you" on the list of NEW MARSHALL'S MOST DISTINGUISHED CITIZENS - to appear online as well as in print (next issue). Online listings can also feature a link to your own website or project (subject to approval).

$25 or more = IBVM Dues - Level I
So you think you're a tough guy/gal? Ok, then it's time to pay your first installment of your monthly dues. The IBVM thanks you. We'll consider this protection against... something. For a $25 contribution, we'll give you a special place on the list of NEW MARSHALL'S MOST DISTINGUISHED CITIZENS - A "thank you" page for those who have supported the comic book project. You will also receive a SIGNED copy of the issue in which this appears.

$501 or more = IBVM Dues - Level IIIWell, well - a big spender...
For a $500 contribution, you'll guarantee yourself PREMIUM PLACEMENT on the list of NEW MARSHALL'S MOST DISTINGUISHED CITIZENS - A "thank you" page for those who have supported the project. *You will receive 2 SIGNED "Trade Paperback" Editions of the prequel mini series - issues #0, #1, #2, and #3 - four issues in all - collected into a handsome, library collection. *A copy of the Wizard World Exclusive #0

There are other projects on Indiegogo, some more comic book themed projects in fact, all with various levels of funding proposed and achieved. I'm wondering the same thing today that I did two weeks ago, would you be willing to (essentially) pay for your favorite comic book to be made ahead of time?

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