Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Absolute Addict

Hi, my name is Pierre....
And I am an addict.
I am an Absolute Edition addict that is....

... and it's all Jim's fault. : )

Jim got me my first Absolute Edition for Christmas a couple of years ago when he sent me the Absolute New Frontier.

I was hooked. Not only did I not own the New Frontier comics before that... heck I even had no idea as to who Darwin Cook was. But now I had not only my own copy of New Frontier, I not only now knew who Darwin Cook was, but I also had some GREAT extras that were included in this edition. My only complaint would be that it no longer is Absolute... since some new material was produced thanks to the DVD Movie.

Oh well.

Sadly... I was enough of an addict that I got some of them Absolute comics that I already owned (Crisis on Infinite Earths, Kingdom Come, Watchmen). Although in some cases... there was enough new material in the extra section to justify buying the comics once more.

And I got some that I had never purchased before (Batman: Hush). And Jim got me another one (Justice)... just to be sure that I would remain an addict. : )

And lately... I just got my latest fix...

Absolute Green Lantern:  Rebirth.

I was one of the many foolish fools that passed on Rebirth when it first came out.

I was one of those that thought that it was nothing more than a cheap stunt to try to get Hal Jordan back as Green Lantern. So I failed to realize that it was much more than that - it was going to bring back not only Hal Jordan, but Guy Gardner and the entire Green Lantern Corps. And even more... it was the first step in setting the tone for what would come next.

A new Green Lantern comic and Green Lantern Corps comic.

The Green Lantern/Sinestro Corps War.
Blackest Night.
nd now Brightest Day.

So when I saw the Absolute Edition of Rebirth, I just knew that I HAD to get my hands on it. I knew that it was a too important turning point in recent DC history to pass it up. And it is a beautiful book to own. The cover and wrap around dust jacket are beautiful, and the oversized format allow us to enjoy the detailed artwork.

Damn this book looks good.

And it was fun to see some of the promo artwork and some rejected never used before artwork, and even the original pitch for the project. The least interesting part for me has to be the script by Geoff Johns. But I am sure that many aspiring writers would get a kick from reading a script as it was written by an established writer. It might teach them a thing or two at how to properly write a script.

Although it is not the only way to write a script... it would serve as a good basis for an aspiring writer to show them how a proper script is done.

Although one thing is missing in my book in Johns' script.... the amount of panel in the page.

For example... see the part in Bold:

Page One (6 panels)

Panel One,

Blah Blah Blah.. etc

Essentially... it is always a good idea to mention the number of panels right at the start of the page.


It helps the artist plan his page layout in his head... or even on paper... right from the start as he starts reading the script.

Not a big deal.... and sure all the artist really need is to go look at the end of the page to try to get that number.... or has to start looking further in the script if a page needs multiple script pages.

Not a big deal.... but it can be annoying with certain scripts if you have to constantly look through the script for the amount of panels on a given page.

So if you are an aspiring writer and want to make your artist happy... just adding that little information will be a good start. : )

So just for some of those behind the scenes stuff... pretty much any Absolute comics are worth picking up. Even some comic like Hush, with what I consider a not very good story, is worth picking up in that format.

The Jim Lee artwork and extra sketches alone make it worth buying.

Although... I am still trying to convince myself to get the Absolute Superman: For Tomorrow. Even with the Jim Lee artwork... I could not summon the strength to get that one.

Although.... maybe the extra section could convince me to get it??

I guess we will have to wait and see. : )

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